Self Care Mini-Episode: How To Make Time For Yourself in 5 Simple Steps

It’s easy to become wrapped up in life and it will spin out of control like a tornado or a hurricane if you aren’t careful. Family, community, friends and work often keep us so busy we forget about ourselves. I’ve already created a couple of other mini self care episodes but we need to talk about how to make TIME for ourselves in order to indulge in those self care activities.

Someone recently asked me how I made, “me” time. I was overly excited about that request because it’s something that took me a while to master and I was thrilled someone wanted me to share that golden nugget of information. Managing a schedule and having a routine are SO important. If you don’t manage your life, life will grab you by the head and manage you.

I’ve been talking about schedule and routine for several years at military veteran caregiver type workshops, and now it’s time to share that information with the world because everyone can use the info! Seriously, it’s not rocket science. ANYONE can make, “me” time. I end up getting so frustrated when I hear someone say that it is just impossible for them to find any time at all for me time. There is ALWAYS a way.

It’s mostly about making an appointment for yourself and KEEPING that appointment!

  1. Use a Calendar – I have to use a calendar to manage my busy life. I put everything from doctor appointments to Ken’s appointments, my daughters school schedule and more on it. I even take it a step further and use a family joint calendar so I don’t skip a beat.
  2. Schedule ME Time – That’s right. I schedule me time. I don’t move the ME time appointments around either. If I have a certain day and time marked off to have my nails or hair done, I don’t cancel that appointment for myself. I keep it. I’ve learned that my ME time appointments are just as important as my doctor appointments. You can do the same with your gym time, a massage or whatever other ways you like to pamper and take care of yourself.
  3. Tasks – I put tasks on my calendar. Need to pay a bill by a certain date? Schedule that on your calendar. Grocery shopping? Put it on the calendar. The better routine you have, the less frazzled you are going to feel going into the day.
  4. Just Say NO – It’s OK to say NO. Someone ask you to do something but you feel like your schedule is too full? Don’t do it, or plan that task on another day if it’s something you want to do.
  5. Prioritize – Just because you are busier, doesn’t mean you are more productive. Prioritize what you want to do in life. Make a list of what’s most important and spend less time doing things you don’t want to participate in. Once you have a goal, make steps to conquer your goal in the least amount of steps possible. Running around in circles is a time waster. Make a direct plan of action in your schedule and routine and watch. You’ll end up getting much more accomplished!