Life is filled with ups and downs.

One minute you’re on top of the world and moments later, you can have an experience you never saw coming that completely knocks you sideways and changes everything forever.

I know first hand, because that is exactly what’s happened in my life on multiple occasions.

There were many times in my life when things felt overwhelming and I wanted to give up. My husband was severely wounded in combat and I found myself his full time caregiver early in my early 30’s. Many of our friends were killed in war and several later passed away after combat due to mental and/or physical wounds of war. I lost my mom to cancer and then my dad died just 7 months later of a broken heart in 2015.

It’s those moments when you feel most isolated, powerless and confused that you wonder how you got here and how can you escape this mess you’ve unexpectedly found yourself in.

We all have those moments and it’s up to us to choose how we handle them.

Do you stay down for the count or dust yourself off to fight another day filled with meaning and purpose?

I was born a fighter and my choice was never in doubt.

I was podcasting before people knew what a podcast even was. Call me an early adapter, but the truth is I had already built a successful, top-rated podcast from scratch. After my parents passed, I had a long talk with myself and made a decision that would forever change my life and the lives of others.

I chose to turn my pain, suffering and trials into triumphs by doubling down to share my story and other inspirational stories from those who have overcome major obstacles and adversities in their life. How can we weather the storm and move through it to the other side? To arrive in a place a better, stronger version with newly discovered knowledge and wisdom that might help others avoid some of the classic mistakes people make when life smacks us down hard.

If you find yourself in that place today, where life seems hard and you’re not sure the way up and out.

You are not alone and this show is for you.

How do you go from feeling hopeless to hopeful?

How do you reclaim a restored vision of the future and get back to a place where everything in your life is worthwhile again. A place where all of the tragedy and heartache feels worth it for the person you’ve become as a result.

I’ve learned that a bad day, week, month or even year, doesn’t have to become the rest of your life.

I’ve dedicated my life through the “Wake Up with Patti Katter” radio show to share inspirational, encouraging stories from those who’ve overcome major hardships and provide key insights on exactly what they did to come out the other side forged and transformed.

"My business, Katter Enterprises, LLC strives to encourage people to listen to one another, to be more open-minded, and to embrace one another through effective communications. Every week, we share inspirational and disarmingly-unfiltered conversations about living a fully engaged, fiercely-connected, and purpose-drenched life,” says Patti.

Won’t you join us today and become a part of our community?

I sincerely hope you do.

Patti Katter


"I have had the pleasure of hearing Patti speak at a function in Saginaw. She is so full of energy and passion in what she believes in. Patti is uplifting and she is so positive. As a veteran myself, I would encourage other veterans and their caregivers to listen to her positive encouragements."

Jennifer Wall
U.S. Army Veteran


"I quickly fell in love with Wake Up with Patti Katter not only because she's an amazing host but her show is so positive and her mission is to help people. Being on her show myself to tell my story has already given me lots of great feedback and I have helped inspire others who listened - as they've told me. So thankful for such a great show."

Emma Dowd


“I met Patti in 2010 shortly after my friend and Marine brother, Kyle Whisler, passed from suicide. Ever since that day, Patti has become a close friend and mentor. Whether it is dealing the VA or just there to talk, Patti has always been available. Patti has spoken on behalf of us veterans at local (Saginaw County) events and brought awareness to the struggles we face.”

Gordie Harris
US Marine Corps Veteran


“I use to be a homeless combat veteran stuck between a rock and hard place. I even tried to end my life. Obviously, I didn't die lol. The Good Lord seen my struggle and sent me Patti(My Guardian Angel). If it weren't for Patti, I wouldn't be standing where I am today. Thank you Patti Katter. You will always hold a place in my heart."

Scott Dean
Proud Army Combat Veteran


“Patti has always had a talent for invoking passion while speaking. On several occasions I have witnessed her captivating large audiences while speaking on behalf of veterans organizations and multiple fundraising efforts. She truly is a treasure.”

Aaron Barnes
US Army Veteran


“I met Patti in 2010. I was in the Marine Corps reserve, I had to check it out. Patti helped me tremendously with a lot of things, including my transition out of the military. If I ever had a question about the VA she already had an answer, and if she didn’t she connected me to someone who did. Even personal problems I could go to her and I know to this day, I can still contact her and she’d help me resolve the issue.”

Adam Mouch
US Marine Corps Veteran