Sabo: The Construct, A Guided Hip Hop Meditation Experience

Join Patti Katter with SABO as they talk about the guided Hip Hop meditation experience. SABO is a Hip Hop music artist, an Army veteran, and the CEO of NSA Entertainment. He shares details of his music and his process of composing. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

Everything about SABO’s meditation project How SABO came up with the lyrics and song titles Symbols in the form of See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil Meditations and holistic therapies Intention behind the project and release time And so much more!~

About SABO:

Inspired by early Hip Hop legends of the 90s, SABO grew mimicking those artists dreaming that he would be on the radio one day. He cultivated his raspy lyrics charged vocals while deployed overseas when he served in the US Army. He took that experience and began his journey stateside and became the CEO of NSA Entertainment.

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