Yehuda Remer: Author of The ABC’s of Guns, Safety On (Coloring Book) and Safety On: Books For Kids About Guns

Yehuda Remer was born in LA, he lived in Israel and is a life-long history enthusiast who is serious and dedicated. He is a John Wayne devotee, Father, Husband, Son and Brother.  He’s a 2nd Amendment Advocate.  Troop Supporter, Adopted Texan. Patriot. American.

Yehuda is a proud Jewish gun owner who believes that people should not be afraid nor hide their love of the Second Amendment and gun ownership. He’s the author of several educational gun books. He even has a book for children that teaches them the ABC’s of guns. 

The ABcs of Guns: The latest in the Safety On Series, The ABCs of Guns is a new and unique way to teach your child not only the alphabet, but all about firearms as well.  From A is for Ammunition to Z is for Zero In, the book covers a vast and diverse spectrum of firearms related components.

SAFETY ON: THE COLORING BOOK: A companion to SAFETY ON, the coloring book allows parents to give their children the opportunity to further the gun safety education process by allowing the child to immerse themselves into the book. It gives the child the ability to truly visualize and burn into their memory the safety protocol that everyone must take while handling guns.

SAFETY ON: An introduction to the world of firearms for children:  Told through the eyes of a little boy who wants emulate his father, SAFETY ON is a unique book catered to children that delves into the subject of proper gun safety protocol as well as teaching kids what to do if they find a firearm somewhere it is not supposed to be. SAFETY ON gives parents the opening they need to bring up the very pressing and important topic of gun safety.   Whether you own a gun or not, whether you are pro-guns or anti-guns, gun safety is not something to be taken lightly.