Wake Up with Patti Katter: Healing Trauma in Law Enforcement with Glen Williams

In this episode of “Wake Up with Patti Katter,” host Patti Katter sits down with Glen Williams, an author, speaker, and communication coach, to explore the journey of overcoming trauma and finding healing. Glen shares his personal story of resilience and transformation, highlighting how he turned his own traumatic experiences into a catalyst for change. As they delve into the impact of trauma on individuals and communities, Glen provides insights into his work assisting public safety workers and trauma survivors in processing their experiences. From confronting PTSD to advocating for support systems within police departments and public agencies, Glen’s mission is to prevent divorce and suicide among officers and staff. With transparency and empathy, he discusses the importance of open dialogue and support networks in healing from trauma. Join Patti Katter and Glen Williams in this insightful conversation as they shed light on the journey from trauma to triumph.

VIsit Glens website: https://www.gdubauthor.com



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