Travis Wilson: Retired Special Forces Green Beret, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur And Philanthropist

Travis Wilson: Retired Special Forces Green Beret, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur And Philanthropist

Join Patti Katter and Travis Wilson as they talk about his entrepreneurial journey in the nutritional supplement industry. Travis is a retired special forces Green Beret who has always had a strong passion for health and physical fitness. Still, a near-fatal parachute accident inspired him to push himself even further. He later formed Alpha Elite Performance and launched his supplement brand while he recovered from it. Travis recently started a great new nonprofit for military veterans, Alpha Elite Performance Outdoors and has a new company selling ammunition, Mutant Munition.


Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

  • He had an easy transition out of the military, but it wasn’t easy.
  • You have to be persistent and proactive.
  • What distinguishes his product from those of others?
  • It would be best if you stepped over the bodies to get to the people who can help.

And so much more!

About Travis Wilson: Travis Wilson is a 21-year military veteran who spent 13 years as a U.S. Army Green Beret. Travis entered the Army in 1995 as an Airborne Medic to become an 18D Green Beret Medic one day. After six years in the service, Travis left the Army to attend Boise State University, where he studied Exercise Science and played hockey for the ACHA club hockey program. After completing school, Travis returned to the Army to meet his special forces training and was chosen to be an 18E Communications Specialist.

He was then assigned to the 10th Special Forces Group out of Colorado Springs, where he remained until his retirement in 2017. While serving as a Green Beret, Travis also started a supplement nutrition store called Caliber Nutrition. After juggling the challenges of active duty and a supplement store along with multiple deployments, Travis decided that it was time to retire and start his product line, Alpha Elite Performance – a brand founded upon the consummate professionalism and high physical fitness standards characteristic of the Special Forces community.

Established in Colorado Springs, CO., Alpha Elite Performance reflects Travis’ dedication to the provision of high-quality supplements not just for Green Berets but for all active-duty military and civilians alike.

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Alpha Elite Performance: Use code ELITE15 for 15% off your purchase

Alpha Elite Outdoors

Mutant Munition



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