The Navy Spouse Who Pushed Through Obstacles & Started A Marketing & Design Business

Join Patti Katter and her guest, Alicia Thompson, as they talk about how started her own content creation business! Alicia is a content creator and a Navy spouse who is extremely passionate about her work and will always exceed your expectations. She also shares how she overcame her obstacles in life and found her purpose!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

· She grew up traveling with her parents and lived in multiple different homes.

· The story of how she met her husband, who is now in the Navy.

· The best exercise in any field is to just keep going and keep practicing.

· Alicia has so much passion and creativity that she likes to do what’s best for you.

· If you are a brand new business, one of the biggest things is to really establish your budget before looking for a content creator.

· Work with people who would really want to understand and work with you.

·  And much more!

About Alicia Thompson:

I am the mom jumping in the kids’ bounce house, making the kids scream cause I sprayed them with the hose. Evil laughing in the corner with an occasional snort. I take risks and sometimes fall while walking up the stairs. I am still dating my husband after 3 years of marriage, two kids and one very long deployment. I embrace the little things in life and dare to take on the bigger things. Every day I thank my lucky stars for the life I have been given and choose to work so hard at.

My background is built on the expectation to think creatively in any medium. I have worked in print, digital, retail, corporate and small business environments. Aspiring to be a  jack-of-all-trades, I am comfortable working cross-departmentally with sales, IT and other creatives. I have led marketing and creative departments for the last six years. My responsibilities have included maintaining brand identities, constructing brand strategies for social and marketing projects, working with developers to enhance company software, planning and organizing events and handling print marketing.

I confidently display superior organizational skills, attention to detail, initiative and curiosity in every role. Always demonstrating the ability to maintain multiple responsibilities, exceptional time management, team bonding and a continuous willingness to learn. I have a superb ability to apply a brand’s look and feel across all platforms and screens. Understanding the fundamentals of branding as it relates to user experience. I also bring to the table strong computer proficiencies including expert skills in Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office with advanced PowerPoint skills, and web design.