Stop Being So Stubborn When You Need Help!

Don’t be that stubborn person who won’t admit you need help when people who love you are reaching out to try to help you. For some reason, my dad never liked to accept help from anyone. He always said he didn’t want to be a burden. Truth is, the biggest burden was when he wouldn’t accept help until he would land himself in the hospital.  It’s ten times more draining for your family to sit in a hospital than it is to go to the doctor for help before your life is in jeopardy.

It is was more of a burden watching my dads health fail because he wouldn’t allow people to help him with preventative care. Heck, now that he’s no longer with us, here I am two years after his death still wishing he had taken the help that was offered to him.

If you have health issues, one of the biggest concerns to the person who is sick ends up being that they do not want to burden others or that they do not want others to have to cater to them. Let me just flat out be honest. If you are physically or mentally ill, the worst thing you can do to a loved one is to not let them assist you if they offer to help you. Being stubborn and saying you will take care of things on your own when the fact of the matter is; you can’t, is being more of a burden to your loved one than just opening up and taking the help they are offering.

Example: My dad would try to fill his own pill box, mixing up medications and times he was supposed to take different medications. Because of this, he would take his medicine to help him sleep during the day sometimes, causing him to be loopy. Then, us kids would have to drop everything we were doing to get over to his house to figure out why he was being so loopy! Or, there were times he took too much medication and almost killed himself.

He wouldn’t go to the doctor until he was deathly ill and we had to call an ambulance to come pick him up. I’m talking pneumonia for one example. He was sick for several weeks at one point. He had ended up having pneumonia, that could have been treated out patient with antibiotics. But no. He was stubborn and wanted to do things his way after everyone had tried talking him into going to the doctor. He eventually became so sick, he had to go to the hospital for treatment.

Being stubborn helps no one. It doesn’t help you and it doesn’t help your friends or  family members. Maybe you’re down with the flu or maybe you are dealing with a terminal illness. Maybe you aren’t sick. Maybe you just need help with life in general. Whatever the case be, if you are fortunate enough to have someone who cares about you in your life who wants to help you and you know they are stepping in to help for the right reasons… accept that help! Asking for help and accepting help is not a sign of weakness.