Self Care Mini Episode: The Body Scan

Going into the New Year, Patti decided to put together a few mini podcast episodes that focus on self care. For far too long, Patti focused on helping everyone else but forgot about herself. Over the years, she’s learned the importance of self care and she wants to share some of her tips with you.

On this mini-episode of Wake Up With Patti Katter, you can listen to a body scan meditation Patti often does in the evening before she falls asleep. Patti is not an expert in creating guided meditations, but she did feel it was important to share with her listeners what works for her, in her own voice. 

Before you listen and participate in this body scan meditation, please be sure you are in a comfortable place where you can relax. Preferably a bed, with your headphones on where no one will disturb you. Now, sit back. Relax and enjoy.

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