Roman Chiporukha: Travel Agent Offers Trips To Space As Well As Affordable Space Simulation Packages

Join Patti Katter with Roman Chiporukha as they talk about how he sold a 50-million dollar ticket to space. Roman is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of SpaceVIP, a company designed to inspire and educate the public about the incredible opportunities available for space and space-adjacent experiences. He shares why he came up with the idea of putting up the company. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

· Life changes brought by moving from Russia to the US

· Roman’s struggle with translating English to his Russian-speaking parents

· Less expensive packages for space-related experiences with SpaceVIP

· How and why SpaceVIP was established

· Impacts of space missions on modern technology amid backlash

· And so much more!


About Roman Chiporukha:

Roman Chiporukha is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Roman & Erica, Inc, a lifestyle management and luxury travel firm with decades of experience and offices in New York, Aspen, Miami, and Rio De Janeiro. An exclusive membership-based firm, Roman & Erica combines the services of a respected concierge, luxury travel consultant, and top-level personal assistant.

Guided by the mantra that one’s leisure time is your only non-renewable asset, Roman, who previously worked with hospitality companies and the ultrawealthy for more than two decades, and his team succeed in delivering seamlessness to the travel and lifestyle needs of their esteemed clientele.

Roman has been involved in private astronaut initiatives since 2018. His direct efforts led to the purchase of one of only three private astronaut tickets for Axiom Space’s ten-day mission to the International Space Station scheduled for January 2022, making the Ax1 mission possible.

Roman lives in NYC with his wife and two children and is passionately dedicated to the advancement of humanity’s unity in space exploration.

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