Reagan: 5th Grade Class Photo Goes Viral, The 2020 Look!

Join Patti Katter in this very wholesome episode with her guests, Sarah and her daughter, Reagan. For her 5th-grade class picture, she made a funny and cute face that went viral on Facebook! She is a smart, strong-willed child who considers herself a young woman with a very supportive and loving mother. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:  

  • The story of how Reagan made a funny face and got the picture.
  • Her brother and friend Alma is her inspiration for making funny faces.
  • The picture of Reagan hilariously sums up life and 2020 perfectly.
  • Reagan loves to write and has even considered becoming an actress!
  • We need to help each other laugh more, especially this year, 2020.
  • Stay yourself, don’t let anyone take your passion away, and keep making funny faces!
  • As a parent, keep trying to identify your child’s strengths, continue honing and celebrating them. 
  • There’s always something to laugh at and be grateful for!


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