Mini-Episode: When Sickness Hits Your Family, Have These Documents on Hand

For over a decade, I have had a plan in case of emergency. Being a caregiver to someone, you learn that health and wellness are very important. Everyone is in an uproar about the Coronavirus, but I wanted to share information that is important for you to have if someone in your family becomes sick during any time of year or situation.

3 Types of Documents you should have on hand:

  • Medical Information – Everyone should have a copy of their medical records
  • Legal Documents – Power of Attorney if you have adult children or others in your home (or even in college) you may need to care for in case of emergency
  • Personal Accounts & Info – I have a binder with all of our account information to important services such as bills, bank information etc. If you were to end up in the hospital or out of commission, its easier for someone to step in and make sure bills are paid, etc if all of that information is in one place

Here’s a website that lists important information on what you can put in your emergency binder. CLICK HERE.