Michael Stein: Abadak Inc. CEO Who Has Made Over 100M Dollars And Has Donated Tarps To The Needy

Join Patti Katter with Michael Stein as they talk about not letting circumstances hinder his way to success. Michael is the founder and CEO of Abadak Inc. and the host of the Long Shot Leaders podcast. He tells his story of building his business and looking back to the needy. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

Health issues, comedy, the entertainment industry, and success How Michael’s childhood molded and impacted his life The hardest trial in life that Michael faced What the Long Shot Leaders podcast is all about Michael’s relationships with his grandmother and father And so much more!

About Michael Stein:

Michael Stein was diagnosed with a “learning disability” when he was a child. He is now the founder and CEO of Abadak Inc. Michael started the company while he was broke and nearly homeless. Since then, the company has made over 100 million dollars.

He has been and writer, director, producer, actor, comedian, worked with academy award winners and some of the most powerful people in the entertainment industry.

He continues to build his company Abadak, the leading tarps supplier in the USA and has donated over one hundred thousand tarps to the homeless. Michael is the host of the podcast Long Shot Leaders. The podcast features the stories of high achievers that have overcome high odds and reached success.

You can find Michael Stein on . . .

Website: https://longshotleaders.com/


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