Maria Crider Shares Her Courageous Story of Battling Breast Cancer When Young and Pregnant

Maria Crider, a Mother, and breast cancer survivor joins us in this episode of Wake Up With Patti Katter. Maria tells her story about fighting breast cancer while she was pregnant. By the end of this episode, you will get to know what Maria went through and how she survived breast cancer while having a baby on the way. Maria: “..we would go out and walk either at the mall or the park or Disney just to get out and walk not wallowing in self-pity and feeling bad for myself. Get them up, get them moving even though they don’t want to. It’s good for your mental health” 

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Maria wanted to share the following resources that helped her the most when she needed it:

Kick Ass Cancer Mamas is a private hidden group. If anyone needs it. You can find Maria on Facebook to ask her to add you to the group. 

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Infant Risk:

Team Gina: provide financial assistance to patients for things like bills, babysitting, food, etc.

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