Justin Roberts: US ARMY Chaplain Shares His Insight From Combat To A Successful Movie Producer

Join Patti Katter with Justin Roberts as they talk about his life in the military and the chapter that came after. Justin enlisted in the army, but he did not expect to be a chaplain. He narrates his deployment in combat zones, his chaplain work, and how he found his passion for filmmaking. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

· A preview of Justin’s childhood life

· Factors considered to enlist in the military

· What the work of a military chaplain looks like

· How to reach out and talk to soldiers in combat zones

· The discovery of the passion for filmmaking

· And so much more!

About Justin Roberts:

Director/Producer Justin Roberts, a Lake Charles, Louisiana native a.k.a. “Chappy”, is an Afghanistan Army Veteran and Director of the international award-winning military documentary “No Greater Love.” During Roberts’ time as an Army Chaplain in Afghanistan in 2010, he filmed the footage of his deployment, shaped into the documentary “No Greater Love,” depicting the lessons he learned and experiences shared with his fellow soldiers. No Greater Love screened at the White House before Congress, won 11 awards, and is stated as “One of the best, most powerful documentaries ever made.” by Movie Guide.

After experiencing the battlefield firsthand and the unseen wounds it left, he made it his mission to extend his hand to help those in need within his fellow servicemen and beyond.


You can find Justin Roberts on . . .

Website: https://dogoodarmy.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/justin.david.roberts


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