Josh Felber: Emmy Award Winner, Inc. 5000™ Winner, Best Selling Author, Contributor to Forbes Magazine

Join Patti Katter and her guest Josh Felber to discuss how he has integrated the most important facets of his life into his many different successes. In his early years, Josh experienced rejection. But as someone who has established a strong mindset, he shares how he navigated to other opportunities from rejection and failure. In this episode, he also speaks about his podcasts that uncover the most prominent public figures’ mindsets and habits and how copying from those can help people put into reality their own versions of success.

In this episode you will learn:

· Started my first business at the age of 14.

· Social Media – Focus on creating content that connects and helps people.

· On sparking curiosity with your kids, involve them.

· Making Bank – Understanding the mindset and process of the 1%.

· The Morning Routine – What are the morning routine of the top people?

· And much more!

About Josh Felber:

Like many entrepreneurs out there, he started young. He created his first real business at the age of 14 and has owned 15 more in the 30+ years since. Before the age of 25, he had already achieved one of his lifelong goals of becoming a millionaire. As he went from a young bachelor to a husband and father of three, Josh’s most valuable resource, TIME, began to disappear.

HE REALIZED THAT NO MATTER HOW QUICKLY HE WORKED, HE COULDN’T GET EVERYTHING DONE. His business neglected, his relationships declining, his faith and fitness no longer a priority… Josh knew he needed a better way. He felt scattered, rushed, and as though he was unable to make significant progress in any area of life.

THAT’S WHEN HE REALIZED SOMETHING… He had always divided and conquered his daily outcomes. Chunking each task into a different block of time and handling it individually. Looking at his list of focused outcomes, Josh did the math…He realized that accomplishing all of them every day was impossible!

After working on the challenge on his own for months, Josh decided to reach out to his mentors and friends. Working through the issue (with a little external perspective), he finally discovered what he needed to do…INTEGRATE! HE BEGAN FINDING WAYS TO INTEGRATE HIS FAITH, HIS FAMILY, HIS FITNESS, AND HIS BUSINESS.

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