John Bourgeois: Catching Dreams

John Bourgeois is a writer, investor, and dreamcatcher. The Dreamcatchers Show is a series of bold conversations with fellow powerhouses and personal development leaders that will provide listeners with real-life valuable takeaway. It is also a strategic and practical tool that helps you stop just chasing your dreams and start catching them both in life and in business.

In this episode, John will be sharing a little bit of himself; where he came from and also a bit of his childhood. He will also share the story of how he started Dreamcatcher- it’s journey. Starting the Dreamcatcher on Facebook, John will talk about how other people can connect there; know what the group is about as well as why he started it.

“I had to spend the next 3 years falling in love with myself, discovering who I was, discovering.. You know? Who is John Bourgeois? I know this is what you thought he was but who is he really? And are you comfortable being in the space all by yourself? Nobody else is around, you didn’t have any of the accolades, you didn’t have any relationships. Are you comfortable just loving yourself?” – John Bourgeois —–

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