How To Improve Your Focus, Featuring Apple Crider

Apple Crider is 20 years old, working on graduating college in 2.5 years, and is the host of Young Smart Money, a top 100 business podcast for young entrepreneurs. Recently Apple used his knowledge of the podcasting space to start Podblade, a low-cost podcast editing company known for their $20 podcast edits. Apple is passionate about making people aware of the multitude of alternatives that exist outside of the “traditional” life path.

Apple’s mission is to empower 100,000 young people to live a life that makes them feel fulfilled and excited everyday. Through producing a top 100 podcast that reaches hundreds of thousands, and speaking on stages across the country in front of young people he is moving closer to this goal each and every day.

In this episode, Apple will be sharing a story about himself; how he got the name ‘Apple’, where he’s from as well as about his childhood. Know when he started with Podblade, how he end up meeting his partner ni Podblade and how it intersected together. Furthermore, know the reason why he decided to start Podblade. Apple will also share the obstacles he has come across in life that he may have overcome.

“I find that, as time goes on. I realize more and more the importance of having a clear focus and having a clear goal in mind and really… Just having that sort of tunnel vision in terms of like, getting yourself to that goal.”
– Apple Crider

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