Global Motivational Speaker, Damien Rider: Take Time To Celebrate Your Success

Somewhere out on the ocean Damien Rider found his purpose – and the saving grace and simplicity of breath and peace. The paddle reset his internal compass and gave him a renewed resilience and fortitude to power him forward. Damien created the first Child Abuse Awareness Week in Australia and Thailand and was a featured baton bearer in the 2018 Commonwealth Games. His book, ‘One breath meditation’, combines mediation techniques to bring people back to breath and connection. Damien has produced two documentaries about his journey, and is currently working on a television series. He remains motivated to help and inspire others who’ve suffered childhood trauma or abuse through media campaigns, education programs, school support projects and community health classes. Damien Rider’s mantra is… accept, adapt, breath and keep moving forward. In this episode, Damien will talk about where he’s from; a bit of himself- how is it was when he grew up, his childhood and how its impacted him as well as what he is today. Know why the topic about focusing on the good things in life was so impactful to Damien. He will share how he started going public and how he figured out what it is that he wanted to do.