Eve Evans: True Crime Talk Show Host, Bone Chilling Author and Podcaster

Join Patti Katter with Eve Evans as they talk about life experiences that gravitated Eve towards her interests in the true crime and paranormal genre. Eve had to leave her last house because of unusual happenings they couldn’t explain as a family. But after leaving, the horrors seem to have found their way out.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

      • What it’s like to be adopted and in search of your biological parents
      • Eve Evan’s experiences of living in a haunted house
      • How a house reflected Eve’s life on the outside
      • Get rid of everyone and everything that suck you back into bad habits
      • If there’s something you love, you must do it!
      • And so much more!

About Eve Evans:

After residing in two haunted houses in her lifetime, Eve Evans is enthralled with the world of paranormal. She writes ghost stories based on true events.

In 2021 Eve began releasing some fictional novellas. In 2022, she is releasing her first full-length thriller novel, Beneath The Water (June 29). Stay tuned for some other new thriller releases from Eve in 2022, including a Christmas Romance in fall, Mistletoe Magic.

Check out her podcast for some audio ghost stories. Forever Haunted, Bone Chilling Tales to Keep You Awake, A Truly Haunted Podcast. She also runs the true-crime podcast True Whispers.


You can find Eve Evans on . . .

Website: https://www.getevebooks.com/


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