ECommBullDog: USMC Combat Veteran to Earning 6 Figures + on Amazon

Join Patti Katter with Santiago Rodgil as they talk about investing in oneself. Santiago, prominently the “e-commerce bulldog,” is a Marine Corps veteran turned entrepreneur and car enthusiast. He shares his secret that made him earn six figures on Amazon. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

· How the Marine Corps steered Santiago’s life

· Where to start in e-commerce

· Automation and Amazon stores

· Santiago’s advice for those who want to begin in Amazon

· What Santiago does with his NFTs

· And so much more!

About Santiago Rodgil:

Santiago Rodgil, or “Ecommbulldog” on viral social media, is an entrepreneur and car enthusiast.

Combining his background in the Marine Corps doing logistics and quitting law school after graduating from the University of Southern California has given him a passion for e-commerce while making six figures on multiple stores.

He launched his Accelerated Amazon Boot Camp Course to educate everyone on how to enjoy being their own boss and earn passive income by first “investing in themselves.”


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