Easy Homemade Body Scrubs

Over the past several years, I have been using a very simple, homemade body scrub made of coconut oil and sugar. I do not measure the ingredients, as it really depends on how coarse I want the scrub. For example, making a face scrub is different than making a foot scrub. The more sugar you add, the more coarse your scrub will be.

A good basic scrub to start with is 50% coconut oil and 50% sugar. If I plan on using an essential oil to the mix, I use white sugar. If not, I use brown sugar. Sometimes I use brown sugar and add a little vanilla. That is a great scrub to use just before bed. It’s relaxing!

Some of my favorite essential oils to add to the scrub are peppermint (especially when making a foot scrub!), citrus, cinnamon, lemon and lavender. You can take essential oils and make your own special blends. Its fun, relaxing and will make your kitchen smell fantastic as you play with the ingredients. 🙂

*Keep in mind, you could use salt instead of sugar. 😉