Denny Katona: Finding Passion and Purpose Through A Life Of Service

Join Patti Katter with Denny Katona as they talk about finding one’s passion and purpose through a life of service. Denny is the founder of O.P. Veteran, an organization offering post-military passion and purpose for veterans. He shares his experiences and how he founded the organization. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

  • Denny’s military involvement
  • Establishment of O.P. Veteran
  • A festival for veterans by veterans
  • A trial Denny had and overcame
  • Advice for people with suicidal thoughts
  • And so much more!

About Denny Katona:

In late 2015, founder Denny Katona was approached about seeking a corporate donation for the Corporal Chad Eric Oligschlaeger Foundation for PTSD. Denny had previously undergone EMDR therapy for post-traumatic stress, funded by the Cpl Chad O Foundation. Seeking to give back to the organization that helped him find life after the trauma. Not satisfied with simply getting a donation, Denny put together the first Spring Kickoff event, held in April 2016. Resourcing sponsorship, prizes, and entertainment for the event, his team successfully raised $7700 for the Foundation.

During the weeks leading up to and following the event, Denny was immersed in networking to ensure the event was a success. He began to learn more and more about different organizations and the immense Veteran Community within the Greater Austin area. From that discovery, the very first VetFest was born, bringing together close to 50 different Veteran organizations and businesses, all for Austin area Veterans, in November of 2016. Based on the feedback received from vendors and attendees and their desire to see VetFest continue, Denny founded O.P. Veteran.

Since its founding, O.P. Veteran has continued to grow and evolve while staying true to its focus of easing the emotional transition by helping Veterans find a post-military passion and purpose. Spring Kickoff now boasts a formal beneficiary package, and O.P. VetFest has grown to be the largest outdoor veteran event of its kind within the Great State of Texas, as well as hosting numerous Veteran Engagement events throughout the year, such as RED Fridays and the Flag Day Freedom Float.


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