Danny O’Neel: US Army Veteran Starts Nonprofit And Gives Advice On How To Avoid Nonprofit Scams

Join Patti Katter with Danny O’Neel as they talk about avoiding nonprofit scams. Danny is an Army veteran serving as the chairman of the board for Warfighter Overwatch, a nonprofit organization. He shares about his organization and how to check the legitimacy of nonprofit organizations.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

Enlistment at 19 after 9/11

What to look for in a nonprofit

Danny’s action against a nonprofit scam

When all help has been given

And so much more!

About Danny O’Neel:

Danny O’Neel was born and raised in Northern California. Signing up for the Army on 9/11 as a forward observer at 19 drastically changed the course of his life. Instead of climbing the corporate ladder, he quickly climbed the ranks to sergeant and became a squad leader in only 17 months!

Though Danny thought he would be headed to Afghanistan, the Army had other ideas, instead sending him to Iraq. Twice. Though the first tour was mostly uneventful, the second trip to Sadr City was a deadly year. Nine of Danny’s brothers lost their lives that year. Sadly, 15 members of his unit have taken their own lives in the aftermath, including his company commander.

As a motivational speaker, Danny is now the chairman of the board for Warfighter Overwatch, helping his fellow veterans come home from the battlefield. His wife, Faun, has also joined him in their mission to combat veteran suicide while raising four children in Folsom, California. Danny loves teaching valuable lessons on life, resilience, and perseverance. His mission to continue serving is not just inspirational; it’ll motivate you to get in the fight!

You can find Danny O’Neel on . . .

Website: https://www.warfighteroverwatch.org/


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