Combat to Care: A Delta Force Veteran’s Journey with Tom Satterly

Welcome to the latest riveting edition of Wake Up with Patti Katter, featuring a one-on-one interview with Tom Satterly, a notable Army Delta Force Veteran. Tom talks about his extraordinary journey of overcoming hurdles and gaining self-assurance through military training. Tom reveals the transformative power of military training schools he attended, shedding light on how they challenged his self-doubts and unveiled his true potential. Get ready as Tom shares his most significant memories, emphasizing the profound influence of training and the unwavering self-confidence it instilled in him in warfare situations.

Here’s a summary of what this episode has to offer:

• Navigating through the Storm
• The Journey from Losing Compassion to Mending Relationships
• Addressing Anger and Discovering Redemption
• Insights on Empathy, Setting Boundaries, and Building Resilience
• A Retrospective of Errors and Redemption
• And so much more captivating content!

About Tom Satterly:

Tom Satterly is a distinguished combat veteran and the co-founder/COO of The All Secure Foundation. His 25-year tenure in the Army, with 20 years devoted to Delta Force—US Military’s premier Tier One unit, has seen him actively participating in essential military campaigns. Satterly’s service records boast participation in the significant Black Hawk Down mission and involvement in the capture of Saddam Hussein. Tom’s exceptional military career has earned him several notable accolades, including a Silver Star and four Bronze Stars. Beyond his impressive battlefield triumphs, Tom has also waged a private war off the field, overcoming personal battles and ardently addressing the issue of veteran suicide. His bravery and readiness to narrate his journey have turned him into a source of inspiration for others encountering similar battles.

You can find Tom Satterly on . . . Website: Website: LinkedIn:… Facebook: All Secure Foundation

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