Austin Nichols & Samantha Curbelo: From Being Bullied To Building A Fitness Empire

Join Patti Katter with her guests, Austin Nichols and Samantha Curbelo, as they talk about how they were bullied in their childhood because of their bodies that led them to pursue the road to fitness. Austin and Samantha were both on the heavyweight side in their early stages of life, attracting attention from bullies. Because of that experience, they strived to convert fat to muscle and are presently helping others achieve that too with their company, AS Fitness Coaching. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

· Fat-shaming: a common form of bullying

· Body perception influenced by social media

· Dealing with bullying through lifestyle changes

· Diets are a waste of time!

· Red flags that wave bullying in children

· And so much more!

About Austin Nichols and Samantha Curbelo:

Austin is a United States Marine Corp vet and has over eight years of experience in the health & fitness field. He specializes in muscle mass, weight loss, injury rehabilitation, nutrition, and bodybuilding. Samantha is a former athlete and powerlifter and has over ten years of experience in the health & fitness field. She specializes in weight loss, booty building, nutrition, bodybuilding, and mental health and wellness.

Together, they built AS Fitness Coaching, an online coaching service where they provide one on one training, classes, weekly education, and 24/7 access to the coach, including nutritional plans, workout programs, and so much more.


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