Music Artist Schara: Up Close and Personal

Join Patti Katter and her guest, Schara Chalmers, as they talk about Schara’s journey in the music industry. Schara is an incredible pop recording artist with an exceptional voice and extreme dedication in pursuing her music career. In this episode, she shares her inspiring story, insights and updates on her new upcoming song. You don’t want to miss this!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Schara knew at a young age that singing is her calling.
  • The song Real Love by Schara Chalmers’ is charting in the US.
  • Mental illnesses caused by using Social Media’s.
  • The importance of being proud of our bodies.
  • Schara’s goal is to produce catchy music that’s still meaningful.
  • When is Schara’s new song “Apocalypse” coming out?
  • And much more!


About Schara Chalmers:

Schara is a pop recording artist from Vancouver, Canada. Born to an East Indian mother and a Portuguese/ Scottish father, Schara was raised solely by her mother, a writer in Film and TV.

As a young girl, her home was filled with eclectic music from Bob Marley, Marilyn Manson, Eminem, Nirvana, Enya, Loreena Mckennitt, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and many other artists. From early childhood, Schara has only had one dream: to be an internationally renowned pop artist. She has passionately worked towards this dream since she was a child and continues to work towards it.

This passion leads to Schara being involved in all different aspects of music. She excelled at voice, guitar, and piano lessons and sang in a children’s choir. Recognizing her musical talent, her second-grade teacher asked her to perform at several elementary school competitions. Since childhood, Schara has been writing her songs and honed this skill as an adult by working with various producers around Canada, discovering who she is as an artist and writer. 

After finishing several EP’s in her childhood and teenage years, Schara decided to enhance her stage presence. For many years she performed in clubs and bars in the greater Vancouver area, performing her original pop songs. 

In 2015, during one of those performances, on a typical Vancouver rainy evening, she spotted a 3-time Grammy award winner Chin Injeti in the audience. She recognized him through her research on the music industry. She knew he had been producing and writing with Eminem, Pink, Drake, Joey Badass, Dr. Dre, and others. She sang her heart out during her set and then ran up to Chin, telling him, “I’ve been dying to work with you!!” He was impressed with her voice and stage presence. A week later, they began working together, and today, Chin is both her mentor and collaborator. Her latest recording, “It’s Like Torture,” was done with Chin Injeti at his Vancouver studio. 

She is currently building her fan base and her social media presence. Her music and personality resonate well with audiences of all ages because of her raw honesty. While pursuing her dream, Schara became a janitor to pay for her album as well as working three other jobs at the same time to save up enough money to pursue her music career properly. She channels her adversities and struggles into her songs. 

A few years ago, she took to Facebook and Instagram and raised seven thousand dollars from a fan base she had never met. They supported her with only having heard a 30 second sound clip of her music, blogs, and posts. All of the money went to studio time. 

She has performed throughout the continental U.S., including Vancouver, Canada, in Memphis, and Los Angeles at a variety of venues including the Hard Rock, Tin Roof, and a host of others. She has been featured in interviews and performed on FOX, ABC, and CBS, Schara is scheduled to launch her highly anticipated single “Real Love” in May 2020. Her debut EP is expected to be released before the end of 2020. Tour dates will be announced soon.

Schara has proven she has what it takes to make it in the music industry. She has shown incredible talent, tenacity, strength, and passion. She is signed with RS Global Entertainment, and their goal is to help her achieve the dream she’s had since she was a little girl.


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