Army Veteran Will Castillo: The Twists and Turns of Becoming a Paralympian for Team USA

Join Patti Katter and her guest, Will Castillo, as they talk about how he went from being an army veteran to participating in a Para Bobsled. Will is a living legacy, who lost his left leg in combat and was the only sole survivor. His story serves as an inspiration to us all because not only did he survive, he continues to show us that no matter what disability or trial you may have gone through, nothing is impossible. You don’t want to miss this; stay tuned!
In this episode, you’ll learn:
• September 11, 2001 (9/11) terrorist attacks in the US inspired Will to join the military.
• How did Will Castillo lose his left leg?
• The story of how Will came to love Para Bobsled.
• An opportunity to sponsor Will Castillo, a potential Olympics competitor.
• The hardest part of overcoming trials is learning how to forgive yourself.
• People that suffered something big and survived always try to pay their dues.
• We need more platforms to share great stories.
• And much more!
About Will Castillo:
Will was born in Columbia, South America, but grew up in Queens, New York, since he was three. Until the 911 attacks happened, it inspired him to join the U.S. Army. On April 27, 2007, on patrol with his team in Fallujah, Iraq, their truck was hit by an IED leaving him the only survivor.
He struggled with the guilt of being the only one to have survived the incident. Will spent two years recovering at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. After a few years passed, he decided to go to Wall Street to get surgery with someone he knew. He encouraged Will to try bobsledding.
Will knew he found his sport when he tried Para Bobsled. Since then, he has won numerous awards, and has been dedicating his blessing to wounded soldiers and his military team’s honor.

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