Overcoming Evil with Good: Patti Katter and Sarah Kennedy on Go Lead Everything Podcast

Join Patti Katter and Sarah Kennedy on the Go Lead Everything Podcast with Phil Swanson, as they share their stories of growing up in a strict Independent Fundamental Baptist school and church in Mid Michigan, and how they overcame abuse to trying to find healing and hope.

In this special episode, Patti and Sarah talk about the man-made rules and strict roles enforced by the church and school, including women only wearing dresses or culottes, boys not being allowed to have hair touching their collars, no going to movie theaters or listening to secular music, and more. They also discuss the culture of male dominance and how it affected decision-making in the home.

After Patti wrote two articles about her experience, several women came forward to share their own stories of physical and sexual abuse. Sarah was one of them. Phil, Patti and Sarah talk about the importance of speaking out against abuse, as well as how to find the courage to overcome trauma and find healing.

Watch/Listen to the full podcast episode to learn more about Patti and Sarah’s journey and how they overcame evil with good.


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