Khadevis Robinson: Olympian, Fitness Expert, Author, Speaker, Coach

This week, Patti is joined by Khedavis Robinson who has quite the resume. They chat about Kheadavis’ efforts as an Olympian and how he shares his advocacy through his books and platforms. He shares how despite the challenges, his family has always been so supportive in his journey towards the Olympics. In this episode, Khedavis shares a lot about why you should not let social media dictate what your goal must be. It’s about seeing how you’re a part of a picture where you are happy for a long period of time, not like the photos people see on Instagram that people are happy for a brief moment. A lot of eye-opening messages from Khedavis so be sure to stay tuned!
In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • Filtering what you allow into your system
  • Why what you see in social media should not dictate your goal
  • How to see yourself in the big picture
  • Making mistakes is a part of the process
  • How his faith played a big part in his achievements
  • And much more!

About Khadevis Robinson:
In 2000 and 2008, He was unfortunate enough to have finished the fourth at The USA Olympic Trials. Only the top three make the Olympic team. Each time, he would have to wait another 4 years before he would have the opportunity to make a team and each time he would go on to make an Olympic team. Having escaped the inner city, graduated from a Private Christian University, obtained a Master’s degree, made two Olympic teams, authored a book, started a Nonprofit, Coached at 3 top athletic universities in the nation. He realized that Success Leaves Clues.
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