Anthony Malone: Military Veteran, Former CIA Agent Tells His Story Of Being Captured By The Taliban

Join Patti Katter with Anthony Malone as they talk about Anthony’s experience of getting abducted by the Taliban following the takeover of Afghanistan. During his humanitarian work on the ground, members of the Taliban invited Anthony, and some group members, for identification. Turns out, the invitation was meant for something else.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

    • How did Anthony end up in the 101st Airborne Division
    • A Taliban interrogation that went a little too long
    • The Taliban weren’t doing a great job turning an insurgency into a government
    • A veteran’s view on the best and worst of humanity
    • An unusual detail before Anthony’s release from abduction
    • And so much more!

About Anthony Malone:

Former Paratrooper, Bodyguard, Elite Operator, CIA Asset. Author 4 Books (Including United Nations Faces of Hope). Guest Speaker, Lecturer. Ambassador, Patron of international charities, groups, and foundations. Afghanistan expert and special adviser.

Many have tried to stop Anthony’s story from being told, and they have succeeded.. until now..!! Tasks included; Almost 3 years undercover inside a Terrorist Network working for the CIA. Over 100 Terrorist Attacks stopped, including attacks on Schools, football matches, music events, Buckingham Palace, and several other targets across the UK and US. (Including helping to stop 12 suicide bombers in the UK and Europe). Lives Saved, Job Done. Synopsis of covert tasks on Documents Page. The books are detailed with corresponding photographs, original reports, and documents.

From “Living On The Edge” to being the “Cutting Edge.” A rare inside firsthand account of what it takes to stop terrorist attacks and save lives.


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