Zachary Babcock

Join Patti Katter and Zachary Babcock as they talk about Underdog Empowerment. Zachary talks about his experiences of stealing cars at the age of 17 and going to prison. imprisoned. He ended up turning his whole life around to help other people like him. Listen to this podcast to hear more about Zachary!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Being open about your mistakes, including getting into drug addiction
  • The psychological warfare in prison and how the current systems don’t work
  • How he was able to get out and transform his life
  • Helping people who want to change their lives and teaching them how to do things on their own
  • Using frustrations to fuel your inspiration to build a business

And much more!
About Zachary Babcock:
From living with convicted felons in prison for over 5 years to building a 6 figure business…My name is Zachary Babcock, and I’m a student of psychology, business, and marketing with a broad perspective from both extremes of life. I share everything I learn about getting and keeping attention with underdog entrepreneurs to help them get to the next level.
My podcast is for underdog entrepreneurs who have a grandiose vision, all the odds stacked against them, and everyone counting them out, regardless of their current resources.I share all of my biggest “a-ha moments” in my personal journey of building a passive income business, tough lessons learned, and beating the odds while interviewing some of the most successful visionaries and thought leaders who practice entrepreneurship.

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Timothy Dick: CO Founder & CEO of Profit Layer Shares His Story of Humble Beginnings to Business Success

Join Patti Katter and Timothy Dick as they talk about profit layers. Timothy shares how he got started, built businesses, and now helps other small companies scale. He gives the importance of doing things one step at a time and not comparing yourself to others. Special thanks to PodMax for connecting Patti with Timothy!

Among many things, here are the things you’ll expect:

  • Figuring out your identity as a young teenager and exceeding expectations.
  • Managing a fast-growing business with no outside investors and starting another company in the middle of growth.
  • Putting importance on the quality of life at a certain point in your career.
  • The different layers that go into any business.
  • You need synergies between these various factors!
  • Not focusing only on the money but having the willingness to work hard and generating viable ideas.
  • And much more!

About Timothy Dick:
Tim has a vast background in SaaS and was one of the first executives at HostGator in its early days. HostGator grew to host millions of websites with hundreds of employees before Tim transitioned focus on VOIPO. He is also an active angel investor and consults for multiple investment firms on M&A, startups, and strategy. He was born and raised in rural West Virginia and the son of a coal miner and was a first-generation entrepreneur. He is passionate about small business, resourcefulness, marketing, and personal development.
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Robert Grigore: World-Class Mental Health Expert & Author Shares How EDMR Has Helped Him Help Others

Robert Grigore is a World-Class Mental Health Expert, Registered Clinical Counsellor, Certified EMDR Therapist, Approved EMDR Consultant, Published Author on EMDR, Owner & CEO of Grigore Counselling.

Robert opened up and shared that as a youngster, he had low self esteem, and didn’t like himself. Listen to his story and how his life turned around by using EDMR.

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Dan Dwyer: Exclusive Interview With Boots To Business Confidant and Mentor

Dan Dwyer

Dan Dwyer is a Northern Alabama-based entrepreneur dedicated to the boots to business advancement of veteran entrepreneurs across the globe. Patti has had Dan on the show before, but this time she talks with him on a more personal level. Dan doesn’t disappoint as he offers encouragement to our listeners. Listen to his story of how he went from Green to Gold while serving in the US Army. He also shares a little bit about how he grew up, his favorite quote and leaves business owners with motivation to continue on during the Covid19 Pandemic.

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