When Natural Disaster Strikes

Living in Florida is mostly like living in paradise, until you hear a hurricane is headed your way. Then, things get a little spicy. You turn on the news and keep an eye on the path the hurricane is taking. It’s somewhat like rooting for a major sports league. “Go that way, not this way!”

You really never know which way the hurricane is going to go until its just a couple days away from you. Even then, during the middle of the storm, the route of a hurricane could change its course. This summer, Hurricane Irma barreled towards our home in Florida. I planned on sticking it out until the storm changed from a Category 2, to a Category 3. At that point, I started getting a little nervous.

Hurricane Irma quickly gained speed and ended up being a Category 5. I was upset because my husband (Ken) did not want to evacuate Florida. I on the other hand wanted to jump in the car and take off as fast as I could to get away from the storm. At 1am two nights before Hurricane Irma was to make landfall, I woke Ken up and told him we were evacuating. He was pretty furious at me to say the least, but he packed his bags and agreed to go. We loaded up our teenage daughter and what little belongings we could fit into the truck and left our home.

It’s nerve-wracking not knowing what a Hurricane will bring. Some hurricanes devastate select areas and leave other areas alone. We didn’t know if we would have a home to go home to or what type of damages we were looking at. An hour into our trip north we started discussing where to go. We didn’t even know where we were going to evacuate to! We just knew we would go north. North Carolina? Georgia?

As we started talking things out, Ken mentioned his old Marine buddy (John) he’s known for close to three decades invited us to go to their home to dodge the hurricane. I told Ken thats as fine with me, I just wanted to get out of the direct path of the hurricane. Ken sent his buddy a text to let him know we would be going to their home. It took about 9 hours to arrive at Johns house. He, his wife and kids were so excited to see us – and we were excited to see their family. Their kids are amazing and so fun. Once we arrived at Johns house, Ken was no longer upset I put my foot down on making the decision to evacuate. He was spending time with his friend, and it all worked out.

It was an uneasy feeling watching the news of the Hurricane path and destruction, not knowing if our home would be damaged. Thankfully, we have good friends and neighbors who went to a shelter and were able to get back home to our neighborhood to check on everything for us.

All was well at the Katter house. Thank goodness!

Many in Florida and other states did have damage from Hurricane Irma. I decided to share this great infographic from Canva with ideas on what you can do after a natural disaster to help those in need.

Written by Patti on Saturday, September 30th, 2017

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