What is OPSEC?

Back when my husband was deployed, we used the terminology – OPSEC often. OPEC stands for Operations Security. OPSEC is the way we protect unclassified information that can be used against our military men and women. OPSEC challenges us to look at what type of information we put out about our service men and women that could possibly used against us. Let’s face it, not everyone likes America. In fact, we have many enemies who would LOVE to get their hands on our service members information.

Over 90% of the information the, “bad guys” get their hands on comes from social networking like Twitter, Facebook, blogs, videos, GPS mapping, newsletters, magazine articles and anything else that is publicly accessible. Any information you put out in social media or in the public is also available to our adversaries.

You may have good intensions by sharing your loved ones private information on social media, but the adversary does not have good intensions for you, your loved one or our military. Our enemies take bits and pieces of information gathered online such as names, photos, addresses, phone numbers and more and piece it together like a big puzzle to track down vital information on our military.

Social Media Tips:

– Think before posting. Always assume everyone in the world will be able to see what is posted or tweeted, even if the personal settings limits are set to family and friends only.

– Do not friend anyone on Facebook unless there the user is positively sure who the requestor is. Anyone can pose as a friend, family member or colleague.

– Set personal profile setting to limit who has access, but do not trust these settings as absolute.

– Avoid posting personal information such as addresses, phone numbers or any government affiliation, including photos in uniform.

– Avoid providing detailed accounts of day (e.g., leave for or return from work, going on vacation, at an event).

– Do not use check-in or other geolocation applications.

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Written by Patti on Friday, April 21st, 2017

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