Take Root in Lifes Circumstances

It seems like yesterday that my husband deployed to Iraq. The time he was gone seemed to last forever. Some days seemed like they would never end, especially the days his unit was hit hard with casualties and fatalities, but here we are over several years later and oddly enough it seems just like yesterday he came home from war.

How does our mind play tricks on us like this? How can some days seem to drag on, and other days seem to move so quickly?

Just last year (April, 2015) , a wonderful group of friends sent a lemon tree to me in remembrance of my mother who died of cancer.

Here it is in April of 2016….

April 2016

Look at how much my lemon tree has grown. During the growth period, I didn’t notice the tree growing very much but when I compare photos of the tree from the time I received it until now I can see all of the new branches and leaves and even fruit. It made me realize how much I’ve grown as a person over the past ten years. Time may have gone by slowly at times. Storms passed, but my roots held strong. I’ve learned how to be more patient, caring and helpful to others over the years. I learned not to take life for granted. I’ve blossomed, branched out and produced fruit. The journey of life has had lots of twists and turns that weren’t expected.

If you shelter yourself in the shadows and go without taking care of yourself, you will begin to wilt.

Be sure to water yourself daily, spend some time in the sunshine, take root in your circumstances and grow. Use your experiences to better yourself and those around you. Bare fruit for yourself, your friends and family. The more circumstances you endure, the deeper your roots will run, the stronger you will become.

Written by Patti on Saturday, April 23rd, 2016

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