Stem Cell Therapy: The Beginning Part 2

If you haven’t heard, Ken is one of the first veterans I know of who will receive stem cell therapy for his brain injury. Everything has been confirmed and it will be done this month.

Confirmation discussed and proven during this process: Extensive conversations with medical staff about Kens TBI and other injuries/wounds. Documentation from DoD and VA of medical history, DD214.

Procedure: Take fat out of his own body will be harvested for his stem cells (doctors said they can’t use mine dang it). They will then spin his stem cells out, open the brain/blood barrier and infuse over 30 million stem cells that will be used for his brain. The left overs will be injected into his surgical locations of his neck/back and then if any is left over after that, his hips and knees.

I wonder if it will help him and in which ways it may help. I look at my friend, Travis Wilson who’s had it done and some of the progress he notes.

We fly in one day to the treatment facility in the Bahamas, treatment the next day and home the next. It will be tiring for Ken. I will be documenting the journey for Time for a Hero.

Questions rolling around inside my head:

Will some parts of Kens brain actually rejuvenate? What happens if it does? Will he be the same? Better? The Hulk? Einstein? (lol)

Will he be like the bionic man, able to walk further, sit or stand for long periods of time if he wants without the pain?

People have asked if we are a little nervous about the uncertainty? I’m not. If you don’t try something in this situation odds are that he will more than likely suffer from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or other brain diseases. He’s already used bouts of medication for Alzheimers in the past 4 years, this was before he was 50 yrs old.

Last question, What do you have to loose? A better question is… what might Ken be able to gain?

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Written by Patti on Friday, December 7th, 2018

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