Stem Cell Therapy: The Beginning Part 1

When Ken was first diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury in 2007 after being wounded in Iraq, we were told that parts of his brain would never regenerate (it’s been a scientifically proven fact). We were shown scans of seven different parts in Ken’s brain that literally have dead spots in it. During traumatic brain injury, the damage to brain tissues or disruption of blood supply to critical areas of the brain leads to brain cell death. When the neurons die, they cannot regenerate or be replaced and the areas of the body they control become disabled.

Over the past decade plus, we’ve learned to accept Kens brain will never heal. It’s been a roller coaster ride for sure.

On October 24 of this year, my friend Travis made a post on his Instagram about Stem Cell Therapy. He said he was treating his combat and service injuries of traumatic brain injury and chronic pain with stem cell therapy.

When I first stumbled across the post, I didn’t know how I felt. I’ve always been told there was no help for TBI other than brain exercises and cognitive therapy.. and that would only help some people remain stable in their condition, but inevitably many with TBI will end up with Dementia, Parkinson’s or other brain disorders.

I sent Travis a message after I read his IG post about stem cell therapy because I was curious. Any type of potential hope is worth checking in to. Travis began giving me loads of information about an organization that was helping him, Time For A Hero.

Time For A Hero sends SOF/Special Forces/ Special Operations military veterans who suffered injuries in the line of combat or in training to a location in the Bahamas for stem cell therapy to treat TBI/chronic pain. Because Ken served in Recon while he was in the Marines, he qualified on that angle. Because he has extensive documented TBI and other wounds of war from the time he was in the Army, he would be a candidate for stem cell therapy.

After a couple of weeks of talking with Travis, submitting all of the information Time For A Hero needed and speaking with medical personal in the Bahamas, Ken has been accepted into their program to be one of the first Post 9/11 military veterans to treat his brain injury with stem cell therapy.

Up until now, Stem Cell Therapy has been part of the “Billionaire Boys Club,” as Travis likes to puts it. TFH has sent 10 veterans to date to the Bahamas for this state of the art treatment.

On December 18, Ken and I will fly to the Bahamas. On December 19, he will under go stem cell therapy for TBI. In the several weeks to come, we are hoping we see significant improvement in Kens overall health and especially his TBI. Doctors will be infusing at least 30 MILLION cells to treat his TBI. He will also have stem cells injected in his lower back, hips and knees. The doctors in the Bahamas utilize a specifically developed protocol for opening up the blood brain barrier to help deliver stem cells directly to the brain; a technique that has been proven effective in independent studies. Once in your brain, your stem cells are called upon to perform the important task of improving blood flow to tissues, halting destructive inflammation and premature tissue death, while ultimately replacing damaged cells.

I will keep everyone updated as we go on this adventure. Again, we continue to lead the way. Never give up!


I am thankful for Travis – and Time For A Hero. Travis, when I met you – never in a million years did I expect this. I was hoping to help YOU and look… tables turned and you my friend are helping us more than we can ever repay. Thank you.

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Written by Patti on Friday, December 7th, 2018

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