Stem Cell Therapy: Leading Up To Departure

I realized both mine and Ken’s passports were expired. That is a no-no if you are going from the United States to the Bahamas. About a week and a half ago, I rushed through the paperwork to expedite our passport renewal. To my surprise, our new passports were here very quickly. I’m talking in about a week flat!

Now that our new passports are here, and flight information is being scheduled, it’s hitting home that Ken will have stem cell therapy for his brain injury. I’ve researched quite a bit about stem cell therapy. The prognosis really is promising, especially compared to what treatments he’s been offered up until this point.

Cognitive therapy, occupational therapy, vestibular therapy, this therapy, that therapy… oh my! All of the therapies Ken has been offered up to this point have been therapies that help, “maintain” the function he has. In other words, the therapies he’s had so far have been to hopefully keep him stable.

Stem Cell Therapy has shown promising studies that when injected into the body, the stem cells help regenerate old cells and ultimately lead to knew cell growth which is huge for those who have had physical wounds/injuries and for those who have suffered a traumatic head injury.

Our youngest daughter asked me, “What if the new cells grow new thoughts in his head?” I really didn’t know exactly what to say other than, “Using our brains to come up with new ideas is a good thing!” Really, deep down, I thought about her question and that is… well, a good question!

Will he have better thoughts, more active thoughts? Will he think about the war in more detail than he does now? Are there any bad thoughts that could pop up when regrowing brain cells?

I’ve been told there’s no bad side effects with stem cell therapy when you use your own cells. No bad reactions. So, this is good. Over a decade later, this is the only treatment that shows promise of possible regrowth of the brain cells that were destroyed in Ken’s head. I say, in this case, it’s better to try the stem cell therapy than not to.

Travis Wilson from Time For A Hero is already experiencing a positive experience from his stem cell therapy. He notices he can smell better than he has in a long time. He is also able to walk further than he has in a long time and he’s had knee replacement surgery and multiple other surgeries.

I’ll keep journaling my thoughts, questions and new things I learn about stem cell therapy. Today, we found out that Veterans Airlift Command will be providing transportation to the Bahamas. This is fantastic news! More info soon!


Written by Patti on Friday, December 7th, 2018

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