Love Your Life

Be brave, be positive, be encouraging, be enlightened, be fabulous, be loving, be kind, be giving, be insightful…..

It started pouring rain while I was sitting outside on the patio working. I realized I hadn’t taken a break today at work and on a spontaneous whim had the idea it would be fun to jump into my pool to cool off. After the thought crossed my mind, I thought of all the reasons it wouldn’t be good to jump in the pool. You know… hair, make up, clothes… I ditched all of the reasons not to jump in and before I knew it, I hopped out of my seat, clothes and all – and jumped right in. Rain pouring down my face, the cool pool water on my skin. I swam around a little before getting back out and going to shower. That was one way to clear my head and it felt good!

When’s the last time you were spontaneous???

Be Spontaneous…

Love life. Be adventurous. 

Written by Patti on Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

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