Cultivating New Friendships

One of my sweet friends brought up a subject that she had a hard time making friends. She was thinking she was alone in this department – but – I know for a fact, just about every person I know has had a very hard time at one time or another making new friends, and even keeping […]

The Resilient Military Wife

“I met my husband just as he was getting out of the United States Marine Corps. He was in Force Recon while in the Marines. I never really understood the extensive training my husband had in the USMC until years later. My husband became a civilian police officer after he served in the Marines. He […]

The Ultimate Lesson For Caregivers

My dad was the caregiver to my mom who had cancer for several years. I watched my dads health decline as he worried about my mom practically day and night. My parents were married for 50 years, they knew each other from grade school and were high school sweethearts. Both of my parents were very […]