Finding Hobbies You Love To Better Your Life

I normally do not make, “New Year Resolutions,” and have decided 2017 won’t be any different. I will however, continue to make goals for myself. In 2017 I have have a goal to create hobbies for myself that will enrich my life. The first hobby I would like to focus on is trying to find something […]

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day to our military/veterans who are serving and who have served our country to protect families like mine. I owe you a debt of gratitude. I do not take my freedom for granted. You are each special to me and loved. Thank you, I sincerely mean it. PK  

Unplug and Lose Stress

Life can become very stressful if you are not careful. Technology can actually add more stress to the mix if you don’t watch it! Who else finds themselves scrolling through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram before bed? Of what about flipping on the news? Only the worst of the worst seems to make the news and the craziest drama can be […]