Exclusive Interview – Elisa Camara

The latest episode is up on The Decision Hour! Thank you to author, Elisa Camara Patriot Pup for being on the show. Listen in at http://www.heroesmediagroup.com/the-decision-hour/ Written in tribute to the author’s brother, Sergeant Mecat Camara, who was killed in the Beirut bombing in 1983, “Patriot Pup” is a sweet story of young Hank, his uncle the Marine, and […]

Stop Being So Stubborn When You Need Help!

Don’t be that stubborn person who won’t admit you need help when people who love you are reaching out to try to help you. For some reason, my dad never liked to accept help from anyone. He always said he didn’t want to be a burden. Truth is, the biggest burden was when he wouldn’t […]

You Don’t Always Have To Be The Giver: 2017 Year End Review

This year was better than the past two years. January 1, 2017 I decided not to make a New Year Resolution, just like all years past. Every year, I decide I’m going to get through the year by trying to make a positive difference in the lives around me. I feel good when others feel […]