He Did It!

December 26. 2018

It’s been a week since Ken has had stem cell therapy replacement. For those of you who missed it, Ken is one of the first military veterans to receive stem cell therapy replacement specifically in hopes to help his symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury, along side of other physical wounds/injuries/pains he has had since he was wounded in war (2007, May).

Please remember, it’s not expected for Ken to notice changes until we reach the six week post treatment mark and over the next year. It has only been one week.

That said, Ken hasn’t had any muscle pain in the past 2 days. Everyday for the past 3 years every muscle in his body has been extremely sore. For the first time in 3 years, his muscle aches are gone. However, his back pain continues.

Ken thinks his memory is a little clearer since his procedure. I haven’t noticed that part yet, and am still watching for memory improvement.

One big difference is, Ken is now having regular dreams when he sleeps. Sometimes good memory dreams and some that don’t make any sense. Some dreams he doesn’t want to talk about.

Ken learned how to play Sudoko by Brainium. On the easy level, he is doing well with only about 5 mistakes per game.

He also plays Sudoko 2. He plays the medium level and he can finish a game in about 14:20.

Math card games, he is still on the + level but he has to do double digit cards with no mistakes under a certain amount of time. He’s almost there and then he can move up a level.

Ken was told to do these “brain games” about 15 minutes a day but he finds himself playing these “brain games” several times a day, off and on throughout the day, equaling more than a few hours a day, which is fantastic. He can play these, “brain games” laying down, sitting up or reclining in the chair.

About reading, Ken made the following statement to share:

“I read 1 1/2 books in the past 11 years. I started reading Jarhead while I was in AsSadah Iraq. I was about half way through it when my platoon had to leave and do a long awaited refit back at FOB Caldwell. After a short visit we were called off our refit to head back to AsSadah. Our patrol base which was a two story schoolhouse had been attacked, then 2 trucks filled with explosives drove into it killing 9 brothers and wounding several more. The aftermath was devastating, lives were forever changed and that book will never get finished.

5 years later I was given a book by a great friend, Mike M. It was called Sh*t My dad says. I read all 158 pages. I haven’t laughed that hard in years. It was what I needed at the time. I haven’t read a book since due to lack of focus, I get distracted easily and to concentrate on a book was next to impossible but this is about to change.

Next I will be reading Dr. Seuss aloud and to myself. Those of you who know me this isn’t my style but it’s my doctors order and a little girl named Shelby was very excited to find out that Mr. Ken wanted to read her Seuss books. Thank you to Shelby, Jason & Caroline for lending us the books.”

I’ll continue to post updates. Thank you for following along on our journey. We have led the way in many aspects of medical treatment, starting support groups for spouses and families and we will try to continue to lead the way with the help of Time for a Hero and this amazing stem cell therapy that is looking very promising for our military veterans who have been wounded in war. Thank you again toTravis Wilson and all of the other amazing people at Time For A Hero.

Written by Patti on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019

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