Success = Less Time On Facebook

2018 has been a season of individual and professional growth. I have made many friends who are successful entrepreneurs who offer great mentorship and advice. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned from other successful people is that they do not spend as much time on Facebook as I was spending on it!

I was beginning to feel like I never had enough time. I started to assess what I was doing with my spare time and I discovered, I was spending WAY too much time on social media. Especially Facebook. It’s easy to compulsively scroll through Facebook, reading people’s posts. At one point, I even felt obligated to “talk” to people I didn’t even really know on Facebook. This began consuming way too much time. Time I could use to work, write or even play! Yes, PLAY. Go to the gym, the beach, the library, shopping. Time to spend with my family! You know, real HUMAN interaction. 

I feel an overwhelming need to grow as an individual and professional which means I have to FOCUS. Spending too much time on Facebook limits my time to focus. More than ever, I feel the need to open the, “little box” I shoved myself into, stand, stretch and spread my wings.

Successful people have a plan of action on what they want to accomplish each day. That does not include spending hours on social media. Successful people don’t waste their time on things that emotionally drain them, nor do they hang around negativity or spend their hours complaining about life. The time that I spent on Facebook vs the time of real life experience was just too much! Real life interaction was lacking.

Successful people know that it is important to give themselves top priority when it comes to making time to work out, read/educate themselves, to spend time doing things they love. Well rounded individuals that are healthy and happy make better business owners, friends and family members. I’ve heard the excuse, “I’m too busy to workout,” but the reality is… we can all make time. You just have to set your priorities. For me, I am cutting Facebook usage to make time in my life for more important things.

It’s scientifically proven that social media interaction gives our brains a “dopamine hit,” but there are other natural, productive ways to have dopamine hits that are better than wasting too much time on social media.

Here’s a few ideas:

  • Create something. Art, a song, a dance, poetry. You get the idea.
  • Get your heart rate up! Exercise.
  • Create visual reminders of your achievements (charts/graphs).
  • Listen to music (one of my favorites).
  • Take supplements/vitamins.
  • Meditate (I like guided meditation).
  • Cleanse. Yep, cleanse your body from toxins.
  • Create check lists of things you need to do and check the box when complete!

I want to be present in my life and to do so, I need more time which means I need to cut something from my life. For me, that boils down to excessive Facebook use. I’d rather use my time to experiment with new foods/recipes, things to do, places to visit. I want to spend time connecting with those I love by talking on the phone or seeing them in person.

I have decided to take more time off of my personal Facebook page than usual to spend more time on real life human interactions, work and productivity. I will still check in on Facebook, just not as often. I will update you on my journey in hopes to encourage others to get out there and LIVE.

Here’s to productivity!

Written by Patti on Sunday, August 5th, 2018

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