What’s Your Story?

Music plays softly in the background at Starbucks.  I sit here, drinking my coffee and watching people walk in and out of the entrance. The floor needs to be cleaned, its littered with dirt from boots of construction workers who have been coming and going all morning and wrinkled up straw wrappers that didn’t make into […]

How To Volunteer For Military Veteran Non-Profits

Recently, I have had many people ask how they can volunteer to help in the military/veteran community. I began volunteering to help military veterans and their families in 2006, while my husband was deployed to Iraq. I started slow. I didn’t see any support for military wives; so I created a support group at our church which […]

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day to our military/veterans who are serving and who have served our country to protect families like mine. I owe you a debt of gratitude. I do not take my freedom for granted. You are each special to me and loved. Thank you, I sincerely mean it. PK