Remembering 5/73 CAV

This Memorial Day, and every day – we remember the 5/73 CAV members of Task Force 300 who were killed in combat.  

Remembering Our Fallen This Memorial Day

Many towns across the nation have a big Memorial Day Parade followed by a time to remember our fallen military who gave their lives for our country. After my husband was in war, I looked at Memorial Day quite differently than I looked at it before he went off to war. Life before combat seemed so […]

The Resilient Military Kid

Ten years, and here I sit thinking about my husbands’ deployment in Iraq from 2006-2007. Some days, it seems like just yesterday he came home from Iraq.  During my husbands deployment, our kids missed him very much. They worried about him just as much as I did. Every day, when Ken was deployed I told my […]