If The Crown Fits…

When I was a little girl, I had a big imagination. What happened to that imagination? Life…. Stress… Growing up comes with all sorts of stressors doesn’t it? But, why do we let growing up change our imagination, our dreams? Why can’t I swing on a swing set at the park? Why can’t I dress […]

Love Your Life

Be brave, be positive, be encouraging, be enlightened, be fabulous, be loving, be kind, be giving, be insightful….. It started pouring rain while I was sitting outside on the patio working. I realized I hadn’t taken a break today at work and on a spontaneous whim had the idea it would be fun to jump […]

Planning Success

You don’t have to wait for the calendar to flip over to a new year before you make positive changes in your life. I’ve never been one to fall for the, “New Year, New Me” hype. I do however, enjoy setting and making plans for a better future. I put together a few great quotes […]