The Broke Girls Guide To Self Care

Often times, I hear Caregivers say that they cannot, “afford” to indulge in self-care. Reality is, anyone can indulge in self-care. It doesn’t take much to take care of yourself and in the long run, you are going to feel much better about yourself. That is priceless. Here’s a short list of frugal self-care tips […]

Take Root in Lifes Circumstances

It seems like yesterday that my husband deployed to Iraq. The time he was gone seemed to last forever. Some days seemed like they would never end, especially the days his unit was hit hard with casualties and fatalities, but here we are over several years later and oddly enough it seems just like yesterday he came […]

Cultivating New Friendships

One of my sweet friends brought up a subject that she had a hard time making friends. She was thinking she was alone in this department – but – I know for a fact, just about every person I know has had a very hard time at one time or another making new friends, and even keeping […]