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Overcoming Trials With Triumphs.

Professional certified life coach, motivational speaker and author Patti Katter specializes in helping individuals and families who have suffered grief, challenges and personal setbacks as a result of military war injuries.

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With her mandate of “overcoming trials with triumphs." She brings to her role personal experience as a military wife whose husband was injured in combat. Ken served in both the U.S. Marines and Army and while in Iraq, his unit was hit hard, experiencing multiple fatalities and casualties.
Patti began volunteering her time to assist military families while her husband was deployed in 2006-2007. When her husband returned home from war, the family began an arduous journey through the military healthcare system as Ken sought treatment for the wounds he suffered in Iraq. In 2010, he medically retired from the US Army. Patti notes, “My life experiences.....

Patti Katter

"Behind every soldier, sailor, marine, airman, and coast guardsman is someone who supports them with their whole heart!"

-Caregivers Around the World


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Letting Go Of Stress

Learning to relax is the key to reducing stress. We all deal with stress, some more than others. Stress isn’t good for your health for one, for another – you can’t be your best when dealing with too much stress. You can’t avoid all stress, but you can work on some things to relieve stress. […]

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He Did It!

December 26. 2018 It’s been a week since Ken has had stem cell therapy replacement. For those of you who missed it, Ken is one of the first military veterans to receive stem cell therapy replacement specifically in hopes to help his symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury, along side of other physical wounds/injuries/pains he has […]

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The Journey Begins

Thank you all for the incredible outpouring words of support and encouragement. As many of you know by now, Ken is one of the first military veterans being treated with his own stem cells to hopefully correct the effects of Traumatic Brain Injury as well as other areas of his body, which I will talk […]

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